+ How long is a tutoring session?

60 minutes, unless otherwise specified.

+ How is a tutor chosen?

A tutor is chosen based on the student's schedule, high school classes/ level, baseline testing information and if there are any learning accommodations. Call our office and we will be able to assist you in this process!

While many students will complete eight verbal sessions and eight math sections prior to their first exam, it is not one size fits all! The best way to know what plan would suit your student best is to give us a call to discuss.

+ Why should you choose ATC over another tutoring company?

At ATC, we are comitted to combining the best of both tutoring worlds. We strive to cater towards each student's individual needs. We nurture each student like a sole practitioner, but we have the research of a large center.

+ How are tutoring sessions at ATC structured?

Our tutoring sessions are almost always one-on-one. We do this to ensure that all students receive the individual attention needed in order to succeed.

+ What does a verbal tutor cover on the ACT?

English, Reading, Science, and the Optional Essay

+ How "optional" is the optional Writing section on the ACT?

The writing portion is not a part of the core composite score. It is an additional score out of 12. Some colleges and universities require the writing score.

+ How can you help with college admissions essays?

We are excited to offer a variety of options to guide students through the college essay process! We offer both One-On-One essay mentoring, as well as a group styled Writing Workshop. It is our mission to help each student craft the perfect essay through a structured, supportive, and individualized writing process. Contact us for more details!

+ Can students call as needed for general classroom help?

Yes, absolutely! ATC provides subject tutoring for students in need of help in various school subjects and levels. We tutor in almost all subjects!

+ Do you supply materials?

Yes, in addition to textbooks, other supplemental material will be given.

+ Do you offer practice tests?

Yes, we offer two free practice tests for students in our tutoring program. Please call the office to discuss testing availability and other details regarding the practicing procedures.

+ Do you have a special program for students with learning challenges?

Yes. For students with learning challenges, standardized college entrance exams can seem like a roadblock on their journey to the school of their choice. Academic Tutoring Centers is known for its work in preparing students with learning challenges for college entrance exams. Our staff includes teachers with special training who are able to help students maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses, so they are able to conquer the test with the same confidence and control as their peers. We are proud that our students with learning challenges have been accepted into many fine colleges and universities.

+ Can parents speak with the tutors?

Of course! We welcome you to call and learn about your child's progress or sit in on the last 5 minutes of a tutoring session. We recognize the time and financial commitment you are making for your child's academic success and want you involved in the learning process.

Additional Questions:

If you have any questions that aren’t listed here, feel free to give us a call!