Our Philosophy

We are:

Student-driven: we care about the whole student, from the first phone call to his or her achievement of educational goals. 

Process-driven: we are teachers who understand how students learn. We are constantly revising our process, resources, and techniques to match our students’ needs.   

Results-driven: we use both anecdotal and quantitative data to achieve our students’ learning objectives. 

We make learning personal.

Every student’s tutoring program is customized to his or her needs and abilities. We pride ourselves on getting to know our students as individuals and learners.

We’re teachers first.

Many intelligent individuals can score highly on standardized tests or ace difficult classes, but explaining concepts with precision and clarity is a skill. Whether it’s in a school classroom or as a lecturer, all ATC tutors have taught in some capacity. 

We have great resources.

Our founder, Patsy Prince, is the editor of Barron’s ACT book, and has collaborated with ATC staff to create “skill builders” that target specific areas of need. 

We believe in our students and we believe in our process. There’s no better feeling than a student’s hard work translating into confidence and success.
— Patsy Prince, Founder